Jill McFadgen

Jill McFadgen


“Birth is one of our most formative experiences, a universal rite of passage that can generate significant lifelong physical, emotional and mental effects.” ~Franklin Sills


Therapeutic Bodywork

An integrated approach combining neuromuscular therapy, therapeutic massage, craniosacral work, and passive and active movement modalities.

Prenatal Massage & Support

Prenatal and perinatal bodywork including massage and craniosacral work. Support in preparing for conception, exploring early imprinting with parents, bonding and attachment, recovering from challenging births, or postpartum depression.

Visionary Craniosacral Work™

Encompasses all ways of working with the craniosacral system, including biodynamic, energetic, mechanical, and visionary. “Listening” to the system through palpatory contact can be extremely beneficial for both adults and babies to establish a slower pace in the nervous system where resolution and integration are possible. It can also be very effective for conditions such as headaches, whiplash injury, low back pain, and temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

Links to Jill’s certifications and trainings:

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